Be Romania’s Next Big Vlogger, by Coca-Cola Romania

Coca-Cola România launches its spring challenge:The Next Big Vlogger.

Coca-Cola Romania is looking for its next big vlogger, the latest challenge launched by the company for this spring. The best in the field are eager to meet him / her.  

Seven of the most popular vloggers in Romania will become mentors to 14 finalists who will learn for four days how to do quality vlogging. 

Seven out of 14 will go to the finals, but only one will be Romania's Next Big Vlogger.

Mikey Hash, the guys from Late Night (Noaptea Târziu), Anne-Marie Chelariu from Tuesday Vlog (Vlog-ul de Marți), Laura Giurcanu, BROmania, Ilie’s Vlogs and Maximilian Ioan will be ”coaches” for the talented young and potential vloggers. Each will launch a video challenge and participants will also choose their favorite vlogger or the challenge they like best. They will afterwards upload the video they created on

The next vlogger’s adventure starts in March and ends in May when the best wins the big trophy.

Ready, set, VLOG! #nextbigvlogger #breaktheinternet

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