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EXCLUSIV  From shopping, to party, until morning

Cea mai bună terapie: atmosfera de club   Arhiva DC News
Cea mai bună terapie: atmosfera de club Arhiva DC News

It's Friday and we go out to a party that will end, more than sure, in the morning. Three friends from Netherlands have invited us to spend some time together in the most popular club in Bucharest, Nuba, on the North Road. Josh, Alex and Mike come to Romania because they feel free here - as they say -, in the company of people who they like and in places where they can really relax.

The capital of Romania is a place where tourists like them, young and carefree, but with a lot of money for spending, find that kind of fun for which would pay much more in other European capitals, for the same quality. They are not looking for fun in Bucharest just to save money from the weekend budget, but first of all because here is a different atmosphere, much friendlier, and they also come for the fame of some of the clubs they can find in the capital, fame that has long passed the borders of our country. Bucharest is one of the top cities for good quality fun and shopping from famous brands, at low prices, in comparison with other cities.

The best therapy: the club atmosphere


Foreigners also like the capital's luxury hotels, where they feel even better than in those from Amsterdam, London or Paris, at prices up to 40% lower than there. And, they say, Bucharest has something else, when a club party starts. “It seems like this people has never done anything else and the only pleasure is to dance and have fun. It's something I've been looking for a long time, to relax. When I see that everyone feels good, they do not just pretend, but even live intensely every moment, as if all the problems of their life disappear. This is hard to find, even in the most famous places in the world. That's why I come to Bucharest, for this atmosphere, for the people I meet here”, confesses Mike.


The rule of the club: a single man pays double entry to one accompanied by a friend, and girls do not pay the entrance Arhiva DC News

I booked for them a table in Nuba club, two weeks before their arrival in Romania, because it is hard to find places, especially in weekends. With us - three young women, whom will pass as their girlfriends - they will pay half the price for joining the club. If they had gone alone, they would have paid 100 euro each. This is the rule of the club: a single man pays double to entry, unlike those ones accompanied by their girlfriends, and us, the girls, don't pay the entrance. The young party people have high expectations from the incendiary nights they will spend dancing and enjoying music, cheerful people and expensive drinks. This kind of entertainment attracts as a magnet the Europeans who prefer Bucharest for the atmosphere offered by clubs such as Nuba - from the north of the Capital -, Nomad Skybar - from the Historical Center -, or Fratelli - from the Floreasca area. And they don't worry about mobility. Our taxis seem very cheap to them, and sometimes they prefer to rent a limousine with a driver, to ride as much as they want. The travel agency that they hired deals with everything they need.

Lower prices for similar offers


Mike is 32 years old and he learned, last year, that in Bucharest he can have fun with friends, better than in Amsterdam or even better than in Ibiza. Here, in the capital of Romania, about which he knew almost nothing until he came for the first time, he says he feels like home or, better said, as he wants to feel home, in a continuous party, surrounded by people like him. He was surprised to find lower prices than in the clubs with the same kind of offer, but also at the luxury hotels in Bucharest. Now, the three friends are staying at Casa Capșa, where a single room costs 100 euro per night for each, the price being negotiated by the travel agency, and they would have paid at least 140 euros in another European destination, for the same comfort.


The fun ends at dawn DC News Archive

After having the first very pleasant experience in Bucharest, he brought also his business partners here. At first, Alex and Mike were reluctant, because they knew almost nothing about Bucharest, but the first party in the club and the first shoppig session have convinced them that it was the best choice for a successful weekend. At the Gucci representation, on Calea Victoriei, Alex found the perfect gift for his mother's birthday. The same type of bag he would have bought from another European country, with at least 60 euros extra. And also, on Calea Victoriei, he has found a magnificent jewel, in a diamond shop. Also Mike has bought another watch for his collection, which he is very proud of. He has found the model he was looking for on Grand Avenue, the Marriott Hotel's luxury shopping boulevard. He is very proud of his new acquisition from Rolex, which he would have bought at a much higher price in another European capital.

The fun is always in everyone, after leaving the evening of the DC News Archive

 The fun will end at dawn on Nuba, and the day is reserved for sleep, then shopping at famous brand stores. But also the preparation for the next party, in the Historical Center, at Nomad Skybar, on Smârdan Street. It is the second club in the top of the preferences of the three friends, but not only theirs. And the fun here magnetically attracts foreign tourists coming to Bucharest. And when they want to feel more than the atmosphere in one place, the guests can enjoy all the other offers of the old center, where they meet new people, full of energy. The Historical Center of the Capital is preferred by all kinds of tourists who visit Bucharest, all year long, and the fun is always on, after midnight.

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