Analyst, DREADFUL scenario: In autumn we will witness a COLLAPSE

Radu Tudor
Radu Tudor

Political analyst Bogdan Chirieac foresees a dreary scenario. He believes that ”in autumn the economy will be crumbling downby itself”.

By Tudor Curtifan

”Read the business media. I saw that the state increases evrything, from salaries to pensions. Of course, these increases are very convenient, but the problem is that you need to create added value.

PSD has done something remarkable for the Romanian companies taxation-wise. Definitely, for this PSD deserves all support, only those measures will be seen later.

For the moment, Romanian companies are on the floor, destroyed either by the rule of law, the economic crisis, or by ANAF,” analyst Bogdan Chirieac concluded at Antena 3, adding also that Romania has ”-6%” of the revenues.

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Radu Tudor said: ”Your assertion that the economy will collapse will become viral”.

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